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All-natural, organic GOODNESS!!!

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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born


Inspired by the heavenly love flowing from the heart of my grandmother, Arthene "Honey" Cole, comes a rejuvenating combination of organic oils created to strengthen, renew and revolutionize healthy hair growth.

Specifically formulated with holistic ingredients in-mind; HoneysBeez creates an active stimulant, key in promoting thick and lustrous hair to ALL users. A unique blend of natural, organic oils enriched to inspire and create natural pH balance within the scalp structure.

HoneysBeez is safe to use on all ages, textures & ethnicities.

Suggested use: For hair growth and thickness, apply to edges and scalp 1-2 times a daily.

(Results may vary depending on each individual circumstance)

For the male of hearts...


Following in the footsteps of our #1 product comes #2!!! 

Looking for a BEARD OIL that does not have a greasy after-feel? Lasts over 12-hrs w/one application? Promotes growth? Creates manageable hair texture? And provides a lasting aroma? Look no more! 

Give HoneysBeez a try. You’ll be glad you did 🍯🐝

Smooth & Soft...


Following in our all-natural., organic care line of products comes our skin care exfoliating scrub exfoliate!!! This exfoliant is sure to bring out the natural feel, texture and appearance of your skin. Created with all-natural minerals and oils that are non-toxic and safe to the digestive system if "accidentally" inhaled (during application on lips, etc.) of product.

Suggested use: For smooth, textured skin, apply as needed. 

(Results may very depending on each individual circumstance)  

"From the Heavens flow the gifts of nature & from the gifts of nature flow the goodness of life "

Crystal Cole Rice

Allow these gifts blessed upon this earth, through the bounty of Mother Nature to recreate, regrow, strengthen and secure a lifetime of thick and luscious hair & beauty.